Jaguara was created in 1995. I wanted to pay tribute to women with a Strong warrior character. The creation followed a line that was even obvious, I I thought about an indeigenous warrior and my first sketches are actually funny looking now. She wore green gym pants and her name was Haloa. Later I realized that word wassimilar to a Hawaian greeting. But the long hair with white edges was already drawn in those initial versions and I decided to keep it. She lives in the fictional Jaguaretama Valley, located in the immense Amazon, surrounded by mysticism, the supernatural, feisty tribes, lost cities and exotic, exhilarating landscapes. In that world, she's an excellent warrior and reigns over the whole valley. She Is been gifted with the millennial Tupâ Spear by Nhanderubussu. The spear is a mystic weapon that can also be turned into a double combat arch and control the wraith of thunder. Jaguara's stories are mystic, supernatural adventures bade on our indigenous culture. All the indigenous dialogue and characters are adapted to Ancient Tupi - language that was Brazil's official one until the middle of the Seventeenth Century – by Profesor Eduardo A. Navarro from UBP*. At the end of each book there[ s a vocabulary with the translation of all the words and expressions kept in Ancient Tupi to Portuguese/English, besides an ecologic glossary with all the animals illustrated throughout the story. The great differential of the Jaguara universe is that besides characters and creatures from indigenous culture, such as Jurupari, introduces characters from our very rich folklore, in more demoniac versions, but still preserving their mythical essence. Many of those versions were the result of extensive tesearch about the work of researcher Luis Da Câmara Cascudo. Her second book will be released soon, and in this website you'll get to see brand new tales of the warrior at the “Online Comics” page. *Respected Brazilian University.


GREAT HONOR At the year of its release, the Jaguara book had a full-page editorial written by the well-know and much missed Bonelli Comics publisher, the Italian Sergio Bonelli. Sergio Bonelli was the biggest and most respected comics publisher in Italy. Unfortunately passed away at September 2011. He owned Sergio Bonelli Editore, one of the biggest comics (Fumetti, as they Are known in Italy) of Europe and the world. His best known title is the cowboy Tex (the one with the iconic yellow shirt), published since the 1940s in Italy and the 1950s in Brazil. But Bonelli Editore has many other great characters, such as Zagor, Martin Mystere, Dylan Dog (recently turned into a movie with actor Brandon Routh from Superman Returns), Nathan Never, Juua, Magic Wind and many others. When he took the writing work, Sergio signed with the pen name Guido Nolitta, so to avoid being confused with his father, Gianluisi Bonelli, creator of Tex. This beautiful essay was written by him for the Mister No magazine, #363, August 2005. This magazine was and is distributed in many European newspapers. This character was created by Sergio Bonelli in the early 1970s; Mister No, as American pilor JJerry Drake was known, a World War II* survivor that left his country, frustrated with society's violence and impositions. In his escape, he chose the heavenly Manaus, city at the heart of the Amazon. Most of Mister No's adventures took place at the Amazon between the 1950s and 1970s. In 2005, Bonelli Editore decided to cancel the title, then Sergio, who hadn´t written a story for the character since 1994, wrote the last 16 volumes of the monthly series., and a special one that brings the last story, published in 2006 at Mister No #379. Without a doubt, one of the greatest victories and recognition that an author could have with his work. *Informations completed by the great article from the website Quadro a Quadro by Beto Magnum. Thank you very much!
At January 30, 2017, Jaguara, along with other Brazilian heroes and heroines, received the Angelo Agostini Award as Best Independent Album Of 2016 for the comic book Protocole: The Order. This was a victory for Brazilian comics with heroes and heroines themes, still seen with some disbelief by Brazilian readers, and that now are becoming solid and evolving. The invitation come from the project´s idealizer, Elenildo Lopes, and it was a great honor to see Jaguara in such a colossal adventure, next to over 20 Brazilian heroes and heroines. The project worked so well that, on top of this great award, a new project derived from it and has been made official with a new Catarse* campaign named Alpha – The First Order. In this new comic book, we'll have new heroes and heroines and the special appearance of classic heroes of our comics, such as O Flama (“The Flame”). Capitão Gralha (“Captain Crow”), Homem Lua (“Moon Man”), Raio Negro (“Black Ray”) and Capitão 7 (“Captain Seven”). The book is coming off incredible and Jaguara will be again in this adventure, including wearing, for the first time, a combat suit. I thank, then, the whole team of “Protocole: The Order”. PUBLISHER AND IDEALIZER - ELYAN LOPES WHRITER - THIAGO DA SILVA MOTA PENCIL AND INK - TON MARX CoLOR - LUNYO ALVES DE SOUZA Flat CoLOR - JOSÉ AMORIM NETO EdiTING AND LETTERING - DANIEL ARCOS PLANNING AND Marketing - AUGUSTO VELASQUEZ DE BRITO AutHORS: ALAN YAGO, AUGUSTO VELASQUEZ DE BRITO, DANIEL ARCOS, DENILSON REIS, ELENILDO LOPES, ELOYR PACHECO, EMIR RIBEIRO, FRANCINILDO SENA, GABRIEL ROCHA, JOÃO VITAL, JOSÉ AGUIAR, ANTONIO EDER, EDSON KOHATSU, NILSON MULLER, LUIS KIKUCHI, GIAN DANTON, JOSÉ AMORIM NETO, JULIANO ROCHA, LANCELOTT MARTINS, LINCOLN NERY, LORDE LOBO, LUCIANO OLIVEIRA, LUNYO ALVES DE SOUZA, MARCOS FRANCO, MICHELLE RAMOS, MOACIR TORRES, RODRIGO DOS SANTOS, ALAN PAVAN, THIAGO DA SILVA MOTA, TON MARX e WELLINGTON SANTOS.

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